Let’s Prepare to Remember

•September 11, 2007 • 1 Comment

    As I wrote earlier last week, my mind had already turned to 9/11.  Even though, I didn’t know anyone touched by this tragedy,  I still feel as though I am in the midst of their sorrow. It’s as though we lived and died together on that day. We watched it happen before our very eyes. We tried to help by sending clothes, money, writing letters and praying for an answer. But the truth is….I am an outsider.  It is impossible to comprehend the wounds inflicted so deeply that day. So as I stand here humbly before those who ache, I want you to know,  I just do my best to  Never Forget.

If you were personally involved in this tragedy the pain must be surreal. Let’s prepare to remember together.

I feel for you deeply……..prayers…                         


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I Think Your Wonderful!

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  Listen…..can you hear it?  In the background, it is music. I thought music would be a nice touch for my site.

 As I clicked away, this was the first song that came up. Ironic?  Coincidence?  I have no idea. But it sure feels good to hear, “I think you’re wonderful!” when my computer loads. Psychological for me? Subliminal for you?…….I hope so!Winking

 It just feels good to know that someone thinks you’re wonderful.  With that said…..Make sure you tell someone how wonderful they are today.  Can’t find anyone? Then just tell yourself, because your computer (and me) said so……….”you are wonderful“,  Warmly Miss Umd91nothing-is-too-wonderful-michael-faraday-posters.jpg

P A S S I O N………

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sugdsca2f4smlcafkgxd7caeqhfyecauk199pcaxkikddcagc68d6ca7m1ganca48nz4ycasjoyq1cay0kp2scactw64qcanb69qfcashzdz6ca2jccrhcaunck2xcaixlpcfcazfyhs3ca3tom7wcaymqklz.jpgP A S S I O N…… Are you filled with passion or afraid of it?

   Does life seem mundane, an endless road to travel,  OR……is there light at the end of the tunnel drawing you closer to your dreams?

   In the crossover to your daily routine, where does your passion lie?  Is it your job, children, religion, race, sex, money……or  a person…..

  I challenge you not to be afraid of passion but to experience it.  Channel it in a positive direction in which someone else may benefit.  You may be surprised at the rewards you reap……….

Passionately Yours, Miss Understandingheart    


Are you a Mom or a Mommy?

•September 8, 2007 • 2 Comments

ist2_2652575_child_picking_up_toy1.jpg  When I was a Mommy, I cleaned up Cheerios, dolls, trucks, finger prints, and you know the list.  As time went on, there were less and less Cheerios, toys, and yes even finger prints.  The word Mommy had also disappeared and Mom had been substituted.

  I knew I was a Mom, when the following list was validated with my new name. I now clean up tennis racquets, energy drink cans, gum wrappers and lip prints.  Yes, I said,”lip prints”. (The act of kissing the window or mirror with lipstick) With teen boys that would be forehead prints.

  So are you a Mom or a Mommy?  

I welcome your comments…….Miss Understanding   


Tis Better to Have Loved???

•September 7, 2007 • 6 Comments
‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

  Before I really fell in love, I truly believed in this statement.  But when I lost that love the pain was so devastating that I wished love had never found me.

 I believe people who stand by this quote, have never truly fell in love, or have never lost their true love…….

For me it would have been better not to have known love at all.  How about you?……….Miss Understanding

My Heart …… Your Heart

•September 6, 2007 • 1 Comment

Have you handed your heart to anyone lately?  Did you get it back, or is it still in a safe place.   It is a bold move to love and be loved, but even bolder to give your heart away…..

When your heart is in a safe place you are secure, warm, confident……and you can add to the list…..

But when someone gives your heart back……….it may put you over the edge, for others there may be relief……….Either way…..I have been there…..How about you?………Warmly, Miss U


On the Edge

•September 5, 2007 • 2 Comments

   The picture that heads the top of the blog, shows a person on the edge.   The edge can be scary, or it can be a new awakening. Are you on the edge?   A terrible job, a lost love, out of control children(teens, twos), or anything that could put you over the edge…………I understand.    The following picture is encouragement for you………….see the resemblance?  It is all in your perspective.……….See you tomorrow……. A_New_Dawn_by_KittyD[1]