The Passing to a New Generation

A member of my family recently passed.

She was the oldest of all in the family. And even though she was older, a loss is a loss. A good life she lived? Yes, but love and tenderness can’t be replaced. The foundation for which we looked up to had fallen. An eye opening experience for everyone in the family.

The torch has been passed on. The closest in age was 20 years behind. It appears that everyone grew older in one day …….. including our teens. The responsibility to set the example for the next generation was now gently handed down. The eldest now resign as caregivers and start taking applications for the responsibilities they just finished. They know that all applicants have carefully judged their abilities over the years and at this point no gracious offer will be refused………..

When was the last time you heard someone say, “In my lifetime, I spent too much time with my family”…….

Thinking of you, Miss UnderstandingRose

fisher_people_by_solodaddy1.jpg                  old_people_depressed_elderly_woman_k110-311.jpg

~ by missunderstanding on September 20, 2007.

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