Touch can be loving, harsh, warm………and the list goes on.  What does touch mean to you?  A hug, hand on your arm, a back rub, an irritation.   Some people do not want to be touched.  Others are so “huggy,” you may run, when you see them coming.  Big Hug

  When we look at the dynamics of touch, many may be conflicted.  Lack of touch in babies may cause failure to thrive.  But in today’s society, touch can be misunderstood.  Touch is complex.  Take time to ponder those ideas, with a friend.


  If you don’t want to be touched, just let people know you are sensitive in this area and hopefully they will respect your wishes.  If you need touch, look for appropriate ways to receive it.  Either way I hope you are happy with the results……….. 

 Hugs Big Hug…….  or Not……Blushing

  freehug1.jpg               or                

~ by missunderstanding on September 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “T O U C H”

  1. While I would be uncomfortable being touched by a total stranger, I feel that touching or being touched is an excellent way to feel connected to other human beings (and to our pets, as well). Physical touch lasts only so long, but, by far, my favorite way to be touched is emotionally. When one of my children tells me I’m a good mom or how much they love me that’s the kind of “touch” that lasts a lifetime.

  2. We had a guy down here in Key West too…he did the same thing! It was very interesting only to see all the different reactions and emotions in the faces of the tourists. 🙂

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