The Positives to Work or Your Job

The most satisfying work……..Helping others                     The most contagious spirit……Enthusiasm                      The greatest “shot in the arm”……Encouragement    

   “What?……Positives to work? Other than a pay check? You have got to be kidding me…..Right?” 

  heni8calilhsoca271lsncaq6yrsfcae7m8v4caaj1b6acasfn4vgca9q8nrtcataqbrxca71c3cccalsz3llca1rsreuca1u3opjcakbgakxca5obo9ccakbp0h1caalg8tacadwy7dlcaxuzpsvcaskfb87.jpg   Sorry, not this time. Work is a complicated issue, but only because of the social dynamics involved. 

 xz776cato3kmjca1px5ttcatjk405calsk49ecaqvui9lca78et03caph66xdcaorg34jcaa06ky3catqkt1ccaaeertucagwjvq4cagu1hvcca9pf0vtca1lftqnca39y207ca7ymkfucaih18rzcao5g2uj.jpg But….

    Let’s look at your job from a different perspective.  Most “work”, in some small way is helping others, thus, you could be satisfied.  And if…. you were just a bit enthusiastic about your job, it might be contagious.  And…… just maybe, by that little change in your behavior, it could be an encouragement to someone else. 

Jim-faces-the-convict 2 Wow….!

  I know this is not what some of you wanted to hear, especially if you hate your job.  But if you try this simple equation, it may change the way you look at work……..

  We will look at the negatives tomorrow if you’re still not board or bored.  Thanks for joining me….Jim-faces-the-convict3

Understanding you one day at time……….

~ by missunderstanding on September 12, 2007.

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