Let’s Prepare to Remember

    As I wrote earlier last week, my mind had already turned to 9/11.  Even though, I didn’t know anyone touched by this tragedy,  I still feel as though I am in the midst of their sorrow. It’s as though we lived and died together on that day. We watched it happen before our very eyes. We tried to help by sending clothes, money, writing letters and praying for an answer. But the truth is….I am an outsider.  It is impossible to comprehend the wounds inflicted so deeply that day. So as I stand here humbly before those who ache, I want you to know,  I just do my best to  Never Forget.

If you were personally involved in this tragedy the pain must be surreal. Let’s prepare to remember together.

I feel for you deeply……..prayers…                         


picture borrowed, click here for more info

~ by missunderstanding on September 11, 2007.

One Response to “Let’s Prepare to Remember”

  1. A sad day for so many, how can we possibly forget the inmages that were flashing on our tv’s, the news bulletins on the radio, live coverage online.

    Like so many events in this world, this is another that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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