I Think Your Wonderful!

  Listen…..can you hear it?  In the background, it is music. I thought music would be a nice touch for my site.

 As I clicked away, this was the first song that came up. Ironic?  Coincidence?  I have no idea. But it sure feels good to hear, “I think you’re wonderful!” when my computer loads. Psychological for me? Subliminal for you?…….I hope so!Winking

 It just feels good to know that someone thinks you’re wonderful.  With that said…..Make sure you tell someone how wonderful they are today.  Can’t find anyone? Then just tell yourself, because your computer (and me) said so……….”you are wonderful“,  Warmly Miss Umd91nothing-is-too-wonderful-michael-faraday-posters.jpg

~ by missunderstanding on September 10, 2007.

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