P A S S I O N………

sugdsca2f4smlcafkgxd7caeqhfyecauk199pcaxkikddcagc68d6ca7m1ganca48nz4ycasjoyq1cay0kp2scactw64qcanb69qfcashzdz6ca2jccrhcaunck2xcaixlpcfcazfyhs3ca3tom7wcaymqklz.jpgP A S S I O N…… Are you filled with passion or afraid of it?

   Does life seem mundane, an endless road to travel,  OR……is there light at the end of the tunnel drawing you closer to your dreams?

   In the crossover to your daily routine, where does your passion lie?  Is it your job, children, religion, race, sex, money……or  a person…..

  I challenge you not to be afraid of passion but to experience it.  Channel it in a positive direction in which someone else may benefit.  You may be surprised at the rewards you reap……….

Passionately Yours, Miss Understandingheart    


~ by missunderstanding on September 9, 2007.

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